Kevin DePree has mastered a way to share his love of music and demonstrate to audiences how science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) work in harmony to make improvements in our world.

DePree's STEAM Skills program for schools is engaging, interactive and educational for young children and can easily be adapted for older students and more advanced audiences. The program encourages creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students are amazed at how a simple two-piece acoustic drum set evolves into an exciting, flashing lights, talking, electronic drum set with computer- generated sounds - all because aspects of science, technology, engineering, arts and math work collaboratively.

Students love the music and lights and are intrigued by what can be done with a little creativity and ingenuity. He encourages students to listen and be curious.

"By being a respectful listener during the assembly, you have learned many things about the drums, technology and how STEAM skills affect my job. I created everything you saw during the assembly today because I was a good listener and I asked questions about what I wanted to learn. And you can do the same thing. Be curious, ask questions and listen."

The STEAM Skills assembly is geared for kindergarten through seventh grade students. DePree has presented the program at arts councils, schools and extracurricular programs. The STEAM skills program is endorsed by the following:

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